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Terminus TTF 4.39 released — now with Powerline support!

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It’s time for another Terminus TTF release!

Terminus TTF 4.39 contains all the changes from the upstream release 4.39 of Terminus Font:

  • Added ballot, checkmark, heavy ballot and heavy checkmark.
  • Changed HT, LF etc. in sizes 14 and 18-hi2 to be proportional to the letter height, not the matrix height.
  • Added the powerline characters E0A0..E0A2 and E0B0..E0B3.
  • Added diameter (2300) - same gluph as empty set (2205).
  • Small improvements in size 32.

The most interesting change is probably support for Powerline, a vim plugin that offers an alternative statusline and also provides statuslines for other applications like tmux and zsh.

As always, you can get the latest Terminus TTF release at

Terminus TTF v4.38.2 released

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Here’s a late Christmas present: A new minor release of Terminus TTF.

This update improves compatibility with Windows. In particular, the font now looks good in Visual Studio and even other Windows applications (if you use the right font sizes)!

It turns out that getting Windows to use embedded bitmaps is a real pain. I won’t bash Windows here, but well, it’s disappointing that you have to resort to hacks like this just to use bitmap fonts.

As always, you can get the latest Terminus TTF release at

A happy new year to all my readers!

Terminus TTF v4.38.1 released

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I have just released a minor update for Terminus TTF, a TTF version of Terminus Font.

Version 4.38.1 changes some of the font names. This was necessary for Java applications to be able to correctly use the italic font face (without this change, I could not get Netbeans to use the italic font). Since the font family was not changed (it still is “Terminus (TTF)”), you should not need to change your configurations.

As always, you can get the latest Terminus TTF version from (now with a new homepage!).

Terminus TTF v4.38 released!

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Well, it looks like this blog of mine is pretty much dead, but here’s a new Terminus TTF version — that’s an automatically generated TTF version of the Terminus Font, a great fixed-width bitmap font.

To quote the upstream changelog, version 4.38 brings you the following enhancements:

  • Added 22 pseudographic characters, most notably rounded frames.
  • Fixed Y acute in sizes 22 and 28, internal optimizations (invisible).

Get the TTF version of Terminus here! (As always, the TTF version is equivalent to an unpatched Terminus Font.)

And now for something completely different:

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Terminus (TTF) 4.36 released [delayed announcement]

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I’ve released an updated version of Terminus’ TTF version a while ago, but forgot to blog about it. So here’s the delayed announcement.

Terminus (TTF) v4.36 corresponds to Terminus Font v4.36 and contains the same changes as the non-TTF version:

  • Added quotereversed (201B), quotedblreversed (201F), I/i/U/u dotbelow (1ECA, 1ECB, 1EE4, 1EE5).
  • Moved all quotes and alike in size 32 one line down.
  • Small fixes and improvements (t commaaccent, quotes alignment etc. in some sizes).

No patches (i. e. the alternative versions of Terminus) have been applied to the TTF version.

As always, you can get my version here: