Terminus TTF 4.39 released — now with Powerline support!

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It’s time for another Terminus TTF release!

Terminus TTF 4.39 contains all the changes from the upstream release 4.39 of Terminus Font:

  • Added ballot, checkmark, heavy ballot and heavy checkmark.
  • Changed HT, LF etc. in sizes 14 and 18-hi2 to be proportional to the letter height, not the matrix height.
  • Added the powerline characters E0A0..E0A2 and E0B0..E0B3.
  • Added diameter (2300) - same gluph as empty set (2205).
  • Small improvements in size 32.

The most interesting change is probably support for Powerline, a vim plugin that offers an alternative statusline and also provides statuslines for other applications like tmux and zsh.

As always, you can get the latest Terminus TTF release at http://files.ax86.net/terminus-ttf/.