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Terminus TTF 4.49.1 released

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Terminus TTF v4.49.1, based on Terminus Font v4.49.1, is now finally available. It’s been more than two years since the last release!

Sorry for the wait — life happened, and I was unable to respond to many of your emails for much too long. I’m currently catching up, so expect replies soon.

Relevant upstream changes since the previous release v4.47.0:

  • Added the basic 27 hebrew letters and sheqel, with uppercase height.
  • Altered ascii grave in some sizes to be more useful as a back quote.
  • Fixed 21B5, added 21B2 and 21B3.

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.

Terminus TTF 4.46.0 released

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Terminus TTF v4.46.0, based on Terminus Font v4.46, is now available.

This new version includes the following changes from upstream:

  • Added 50 new characters. Mostly math, but also Buglarian yat and yus.
  • Small fixes and improvements (7 characters in various sizes).

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.

Note: Thanks to the wonderful Let’s Encrypt project, you can now download Terminus TTF over HTTPS! :)

Terminus TTF 4.40 released

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After a long time, Terminus TTF 4.40 has finally been released.

Relevant upstream changes:

  • Added 6 combining accents as separate characters.
  • Added 14 letters with dot above / dot below.
  • Added partial subscript and superscript: all digits and 11 letters.
  • Added 30+ math characters, notably large braces, brackets and parens.
  • Added unicode range 2800-28FF in two variants (br1 and br2).
  • A few small character fixes.

Changes exclusive to Terminus TTF:

  • There now is a Bold Italic variant in order to satisfy some applications which refuse to treat Terminus TTF as monospaced unless that variant exists. It has the same drawbacks as the existing Italic variant: It is generated automatically by slanting and bolding the Regular variant of Terminus Font, so it is of lower quality than the Regular variant.

  • You can now choose between Terminus (TTF) and Terminus (TTF) for Windows when downloading Terminus TTF.

    The former now again is a direct conversion of Terminus Font, while the latter contains fixes specific to Windows. In other words, you now have the choice whether to use those fixes or not; this is important because these fixes come with some pretty serious drawbacks — the Terminus TTF homepage has more details (displayed when downloading the Windows version). Unfortunately, without those fixes, Terminus TTF will not work on Windows.