Terminus TTF 4.49.3 released

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Terminus TTF v4.49.3, based on Terminus Font v4.49.1 (sic!), has been released.


  • The scalable outlines now look a lot better than before, and almost fully match the bitmaps.

    Anti-aliasing might still make the outlines look not as crisp as the bitmaps, but in my humble opinion, they look a lot better than before!

    This has been achieved by upscaling the bitmaps before tracing them, and then scaling the result back down to the size of the input bitmap.

    I actually discovered this approach two years ago or so in a fork of my mkttf Git repository (and then forgot about it), but unfortunately, I can’t find the fork anymore. Maybe it was removed? If you know who came up with the idea, please drop me an email, and I will credit the person responsible.

  • The OS/2 vendor ID (aka the foundry ID) has been changed to AX86 (which is also a registered vendor ID!).

    Unless you were relying on the old, generic vendor ID (PfEd — FontForge’s default vendor ID), this should not impact you.

    GitHub issue: #12

  • The Bold Italic variant now includes Bold-Italic in its font names, and its filename; before, those places contained Bold Italic.

    In other words, the space has been dropped, since spaces are not allowed in PostScript font names; also, the space in the filename caused issues for some people.

    Unless you were relying on the full family name of the Bold Italic variant (or its exact filename) instead of using the font’s attributes (i.e. “Bold” and “Italic”), this should not impact you.

    GitHub issue: #10

  • A new variant has been added: Variant ll2-td1 combines the existing variants ll2 and td1.

There were no upstream changes.

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.