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Terminus TTF 4.49.2 released

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Terminus TTF v4.49.2, based on Terminus Font v4.49.1 (sic!), has been released.


  • The td1 variant did not actually have the td1 patch applied. Thanks to wynadorn for noticing!

Apart from that change, this release is identical to the previous release v4.49.1, and is likewise based on Terminus Font v4.49.1. In other words, there were no upstream changes.

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.

Good bye b2evolution, hello Pelican!

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I’ve finally managed to replace the truly ancient version of b2evolution that served as this blog’s backend for the last 13 years with Pelican.

While b2evolution is a classic PHP application with a database, Pelican generates simple static websites. Which is nice because you just need some place (like GitLab Pages, GitHub Pages, or an AWS S3 bucket) to put those static files instead of a fully-fledged LAMP setup. No database required! Of course, less software also means both a smaller attack surface and less maintenance, which is an added bonus.

I managed to keep most URLs intact (most importantly: article and tag URLs), but unfortunately, the main Atom and RSS feed URLs are now different. Sorry about that! At least there are now per-tag feeds available, which makes it easier to track e. g. the terminus tag.

Terminus TTF 4.49.1 released

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Terminus TTF v4.49.1, based on Terminus Font v4.49.1, is now finally available. It’s been more than two years since the last release!

Sorry for the wait — life happened, and I was unable to respond to many of your emails for much too long. I’m currently catching up, so expect replies soon.

Relevant upstream changes since the previous release v4.47.0:

  • Added the basic 27 hebrew letters and sheqel, with uppercase height.
  • Altered ascii grave in some sizes to be more useful as a back quote.
  • Fixed 21B5, added 21B2 and 21B3.

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.

Terminus TTF 4.46.0 released

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Terminus TTF v4.46.0, based on Terminus Font v4.46, is now available.

This new version includes the following changes from upstream:

  • Added 50 new characters. Mostly math, but also Buglarian yat and yus.
  • Small fixes and improvements (7 characters in various sizes).

Visit the Terminus TTF homepage to download the new version.

Note: Thanks to the wonderful Let’s Encrypt project, you can now download Terminus TTF over HTTPS! :)