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Terminus TTF v4.38 released!

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Well, it looks like this blog of mine is pretty much dead, but here’s a new Terminus TTF version — that’s an automatically generated TTF version of the Terminus Font, a great fixed-width bitmap font.

To quote the upstream changelog, version 4.38 brings you the following enhancements:

  • Added 22 pseudographic characters, most notably rounded frames.
  • Fixed Y acute in sizes 22 and 28, internal optimizations (invisible).

Get the TTF version of Terminus here! (As always, the TTF version is equivalent to an unpatched Terminus Font.)

And now for something completely different:

I had to disable comments on this blog; the spammers were too annoying. Until I (hopefully) find a better solution, you can send me an email if you have any feedback to give (just click on the little envelope icon next to my nickname at the top of this post).

Terminus (TTF) 4.36 released [delayed announcement]

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I’ve released an updated version of Terminus’ TTF version a while ago, but forgot to blog about it. So here’s the delayed announcement.

Terminus (TTF) v4.36 corresponds to Terminus Font v4.36 and contains the same changes as the non-TTF version:

  • Added quotereversed (201B), quotedblreversed (201F), I/i/U/u dotbelow (1ECA, 1ECB, 1EE4, 1EE5).
  • Moved all quotes and alike in size 32 one line down.
  • Small fixes and improvements (t commaaccent, quotes alignment etc. in some sizes).

No patches (i. e. the alternative versions of Terminus) have been applied to the TTF version.

As always, you can get my version here:

Terminus (TTF) v4.35 released

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There’s been a small bug fix release of Terminus Font. The changes in version 4.35 are as follows (taken from the font’s website):

  • Added hi2 variant for size 18.
  • Fixes in size 18: normal V, normal W, bold X, H stroke, some pseudographic characters and the *NIX installation.

In other news, Terminus (TTF) v4.35, the TTF version of Terminus Font, has been released. Grab it here.

Terminus (TTF) 4.34 released

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Terminus Font and Terminus (TTF) 4.34 have been released.

Changes (from the Terminus Font homepage):

  • Added size 10x18.
  • Small fixes and improvements in section, multiply, Eng, eng, Dje, dje, house, male, infinity, zeta and various other characters in the different sizes.
  • The default cyrillic ghe is now ge1, with ge2 available as variant. For the TTF versions that means that the unpatched, original BDF files are used from now on. The result is the same as before.

Download the TTF files here.

Terminus (TTF) v4.32 released

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At the end of last year, Terminus Font 4.32 was released. On that occasion, I regenerated my TTF version, which now is officially called Terminus (TTF).

This time, I used Potrace instead of the old and unmaintained Autotrace to trace the bitmaps. As a result, the font’s outlines look a little bit more smooth than they did before; please tell me how you like them! If too many people complain about the smoothness, I will go back to Autotrace, promised. :-)

It may be that using Potrace fixes the issues some of you had — but there’s a chance that it makes things even worse… Anyway, just drop me a line if you have any problems so I can look at it. I can’t promise anything, though (except reverting to Autotrace, as I said above).

Please also note the license change: Just like Terminus Font, starting with version 4.32 (i. e. this release), Terminus (TTF) is licensed under the Open Font License, Version 1.1 — but don’t panic:

It’s FSF approved, no need to worry.

—Dimitar Zhekov, author of Terminus Font

The Arch Linux PKGBUILD and the mkttf scripts have been updated to reflect the changes made in this release.

Enough said, you can get the shiny new TTF files here:

Have fun!

Acer Extensa 5220, Linux und p4_clockmod

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Mein Notebook, ein Acer Extensa 5220, läuft wunderbar mit Linux. Einziger Nachteil: Das p4-clockmod-Kernelmodul, mit dem ich die Frequenz der CPU (Intel Celeron M 530) beeinflussen und somit Strom sparen könnte, erkennt den Prozessor nicht.

Ein Patch behebt das Problem. Ich habe bisher immer den ganzen Kernel rekompilliert, das wurde mir auf die Dauer aber zu umständlich bzw. zeitaufwändig. Ich habe deswegen nach einem Weg gesucht, nur das eine Modul neu zu kompillieren und will im folgenden Eintrag beschreiben, wie ich das gemacht habe.

Patch anwenden

Nachdem man die Kernelquellen für seine Kernelversion heruntergeladen und evtl. gepatcht hat, wechselt man in das Sourceverzeichnis und wendet den Patch für das Modul an:

$ patch -Np1 -i pfad/zur/obigen/patchdatei

Das sollte problemlos klappen.

Kernelkonfiguration kopieren

Klappt folgender Befehl nicht…

$ zcat /proc/config.gz > .config

…kann man diesen hier probieren (evtl. Verzeichnis anpassen):

$ cp "/usr/src/linux-`uname -r`/.config" .

Kompillation vorbereiten

$ make silentoldconfig prepare modules_prepare

Nun zum letzten Schritt:

Modul kompillieren & kopieren

U. U. müsst ihr beim cp-Befehl den Zielpfad anpassen. Die letzten beiden Befehle müssen mit root-Rechten ausgeführt werden.

$ make arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/p4-clockmod.ko
# cp arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/p4-clockmod.ko \
    "/lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq"
# /sbin/depmod -A

Zum Schluss…

…könnt ihr nun das Modul (als root) laden und überprüfen, ob es ordnungsgemäß geladen wurde:

# modprobe p4_clockmod
$ dmesg|tail

In der dmesg-Ausgabe müsste folgendes zu sehen sein:

p4-clockmod: P4/Xeon(TM) CPU On-Demand Clock Modulation available

Das wars. :-)